‘If Life Were A Movie’, the first single from Hanorah

“If Life Were A Movie”, is Hanorah’s first single to be released from her upcoming album “Perennial”. The song expresses complicated emotions that arise when a past lover finds happiness with a new partner. Hanorah’s genuine lyrics play with the idea of rewriting one’s own romantic history, as she ruminates and wonders: “Could it end a different way, if life were a movie?”
The song’s musical backing steps forward in all the right places, contributing simple melodies and allowing space for Hanorah’s voice to take the lead. Her versatile singing style sometimes provides subtle, atmospheric touches, while other times cutting through the track in a spontaneous movement. However she chooses to use her voice, Hanorah’s natural talent shines through, giving the song a warm, relaxed flow. “Perennial” is scheduled for release this Fall 2022, via Ensoul Records.

“I’ve been drawn to the beauty and destruction of nostalgia. This song is a space to indulge in the emotionally immature responses human beings sometimes have when things don’t work out like we imagine or desire. I sing this song joyfully because I know better now and hold a lot of affection for the version of me who didn’t quite know how to let go.” -Hanorah