Author: Marin De Pralormo

‘WTH’, the first single from Tina Leon

Tina Leon, formerly known as Marie-Christine, presents “WTH”, a soulful single from her upcoming EP “Push”. The song embraces a lively array of musical inspirations. Ethereal synths merge with funk guitar rhythms, bringing a modern dance mix spin to an otherwise soul inspired sound. This musical variety is mirrored by Leon’s vocal techniques. Her lyrical… Read more »

New artist : Tina Leon

Ensoul Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Tina Leon, a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. Previously known under the name of Marie-Christine Depestre, she shared the stage with many prominent artists (Lionel Richie, Garou, DJ Champion, Les Louanges) and collaborated with Stevie Wonder on her debut album. From now on, she begins a new… Read more »

‘If Life Were A Movie’, the first single from Hanorah

“If Life Were A Movie”, is Hanorah’s first single to be released from her upcoming album “Perennial”. The song expresses complicated emotions that arise when a past lover finds happiness with a new partner. Hanorah’s genuine lyrics play with the idea of rewriting one’s own romantic history, as she ruminates and wonders: “Could it end… Read more »

‘Can’t Shake This Feeling’, the second single from EDDY

The second single from EDDY is now available ! On this second track, Danny Trudeau’s groovy bass and Abigail Galwey’s sweet and comforting voice invite us to move forward despite life and its complications. Imbued with a form of humility as well as a thirst for knowledge and adventure, the duo takes us on a… Read more »

New artist : Hanorah

Ensoul Records is proud to welcome Hanorah to the family, a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada.Her debut EP entitled, “For the Good Guys and the Bad Guys” has amassed over a million streams and counting. Hanorah is a versatile vocalist, powerful yet sensitive.After three years of touring extensively throughout Canada, she has been able to focus on… Read more »

‘Room In A Bubble’, the first single from EDDY

Looking for a song to lift your spirits and kick off summer 2022?Eddy’s debut single “Room In A Bubble” is a feel good jam that helps to shed the weight of the last few years. Let’s jump into this new season! The song opens with Danny Trudeau’s high energy, funk inspired bass line, while Abigail… Read more »