‘WTH’, the first single from Tina Leon

Tina Leon, formerly known as Marie-Christine, presents “WTH”, a soulful single from her upcoming EP “Push”. The song embraces a lively array of musical inspirations. Ethereal synths merge with funk guitar rhythms, bringing a modern dance mix spin to an otherwise soul inspired sound. This musical variety is mirrored by Leon’s vocal techniques. Her lyrical phrasing, original melodies, the intensity of her delivery, the song leaves a lasting impression on the grooves of your mind. Leon’s vocals and the music share a similar energy. They come together in a dance of highs and lows, ebbing and flowing, building momentum, pulling back, pushing forward, finding full expression, culminating in a genre bending crescendo. “WTH” is an energetic first look into Tina Leon’s latest body of work “Push”. The EP is scheduled for release in August 2022 via Ensoul Records.