‘Can’t Shake This Feeling’, the second single from EDDY

The second single from EDDY is now available !

On this second track, Danny Trudeau’s groovy bass and Abigail Galwey’s sweet and comforting voice invite us to move forward despite life and its complications. Imbued with a form of humility as well as a thirst for knowledge and adventure, the duo takes us on a whirlwind journey of introspection in which every rainstorm always ends up leading to a breakthrough.

As Abigail Galwey says, ‘There are moments in one’s life where you just can’t shake the feeling that every decision you make, every step you take is the wrong one. Self-doubt creeps in and there is very little one can do to change that. Like all things though, this too shall pass. In time, things will start to take shape once more, your steps won’t be so cautious and that feeling weighing on your chest will gradually lift. The world moves forward and so do you.’